Contrarian trading on financial news sentiment

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Most people in trading agree on that too much optimism is a warning signal and too much pessimism is an opportunity. But how much is too much?

Current ATH Sentiment Index. Click here to see historical sentiment and trading signals.

Our trading signals are triggered when the sentiment index falls below the lower control limit (excessive pessimism - Buy signal) or rises above the upper limit (excessive optimism - Sell signal). The limits are dynamic and adapt to the sentiment's long-term trend and volatility. The signals are suitable for timing of all investments that correlate with the global markets, such as index futures:

The ATH Sentiment Index measures the proportion of positive financial news from the most important news sources around the world. Every day hundreds of news articles from Europe, China, India, Japan and the US are automatically analyzed and categorized.

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Realized result 2014: +-15.2%

Feb 27, 2017

Since October 14th 2013 we trade on the signals from the updated ATH Sentiment Index. All trades are found in Our Portfolio.

Sell Signal

Jan 04, 2015

The ATH index hits the upper limit and we close our long position in OMXS30 and take a short position.

New portfolio with updated model:

Oct 14, 2013

Due to changes to our model we close our portfolio and start a new based on the updated model. Access to the enhanced model and its trading signals will be free of charge to everyone during an evaluation period at least until June 2014.

The previous portfolio started May 2nd 2011 and was closed Oct 14th 2013. Total realized result during this period were: +50.4%. During the same period the OMXS30 index gained +8.8%.

Read more about the updated model.